DR-40 Handheld 4-Track

This is a stereo digital recorder from Tascam, the company that wrote the book on do it yourself recording. This digital recorder features an adjustable stereo pair of condenser microphones that configure in either an XY or AB pattern, and two xlr ¼” combo jacks, allowing you to use both the mics and the inputs simultaneously for four track recording! You can record to either MP3 or WAV formats on the included 2 GB SD card (and use up to a 32gb card), and transfer your audio to computer via USB 2.0. There’s a great overdub feature to record narration, singing, or instruments over your existing recording. Other features include a switchable low cut filter, both manual and automatic gain control, and an analog limiter.
Recording your performances is so important these days. Besides listening back to critique your performance so you can pinpoint where you need to improve, content is king, and you need to be able to regularly post recordings on your social media. You can use the onboard condenser microphones, or the XLR ¼” combo jacks to record from another sound source like the front of house soundboard at your next gig. Using external condenser mics? No worries, the DR-40 supplies phantom power. There’s also an auto gain control and an analog limiter so you don’t have to worry about setting the level or going too hot and ruining the recording. There’s even built in EQ and reverb so you can craft a mix on the fly all from the DR-40. Brilliant!

Terry Wigmore/Songwriter exploring a variety of styles


Song-writer, arranger, guitar, keyboard/synth, vocals. Performed for nearly 20 years with a Toronto-based Contemporary Christian Band called Parable (1983-2000). Exploring a various styles and topics. Variety is the spice of life. For Music Click On: TERRY’S MUSIC


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RandRWorld.Com is a FaceBook kind of website for musicians, songwriters and all types of musical artist. Make friends, post photos, upload music and a bio. There’s more to the site which has to be seen to understand.

Unsigned.Com is a huge music website for the unsigned artist, label or anyone else who may want a profile. There are tons of great artist, as well as great music. Simple to start, the site offers everything most music websites offer and their connected to some major record labels.

Ronnie & Heather have a Facebook music page connected with their ReverbNation site. The Facebook page offers music, song reviews, pictures and much more. Feel free to hit the like button if you dig this page.

This is the first website the two songwriters started in April 2011. They still remain around number 23 in the “Folk” music artists charts as of 7/19/11. This is a huge music website for musicians of all types. They offer widgets for music, press, fans and more. The site even has Hank Williams Jr. on it.


Heather & Ronnie have been on the easy listening music charts for a month where they have remained in the top 20 with one of their songs on this site.  This is a great site for reviews, widgets, friends, and fans alike. It has some great unsigned artist, and is a huge site with a giant band directory. Click on banner below.

mixposure link


SongsAlive.org is a FaceBook for songwriters. It’s a great site to make friends, upload music, upload pictures and more. The HTML pages makes it easy to post music widgets, and videos. It’s a great songwriter social website. Click on the banner below to see the site.

SongsAlive Link




AmericanSongSpace.Com is a great site for songwriters looking to make connections in the music industry. You can upload songs/music, bio, influences, and more. You can make it very clear what your looking to do with your songs/music.

Click on Heather on AmericanSongSpace.Com

Click on Ronnie on AmericanSongSpace.Com


SongwritersDirectory.Com is an excellent site for songwriters and artist. The pages they offer you are good for bios, links, pictures and more. The site is HTML friendly so you can post widgets and more. Their new internet radio station, RadioWXYZ promotes, and plays all the artist on this site. Sell your music from this site as well. Click on the banner below to check out this site.


Mp3Unsigned.Com is a very basic music website for the unsigned artist. Fans can review your songs, you can upload plenty of links, as well as get your music on the charts. Lots of great musicians and songwriters on this site. Click on banner below to see this site.

Mp3Unsigned Link

Musocity.Com is a very cool music website for the unsigned artist. Lots of good musicians, as well as songwriters on this site. Upload your original music, or create a playlist of other people’s music. HTML friendly!

WeLoveYourSongs.Com is a cool little music, social website that offers friends, fans and more. You can blog, as well as get into the charts. Lots of great unsigned artist offered.

GoGoYoko.Com is a great music social site where you can make friends, create and sell your albums, blog and more. You can create a site without being an artist. Simply create a site as a fan/listener.